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Great Wall of Lateness

When I Stay Up Late I…

The Nextmen
…...we watch shows about UFOs and the unexplained!! - The Nextmen
Alice Russell
…get into mischief! - Alice Russell
Alex Butler and The Opals
…we drink Lambrini and ride farm animals around central London - Alex Butler and The Opals
Christian Furr
…I get good ideas - Christian Furr, portrait painter to the Queen
John Niven
…I once stayed up for three days and vomited on my own mother - John Niven
Kate Spicer
…make loads of new best friends, laugh and talk very important rubbish - Kate Spicer
Charlie Harper - U.K. SUBS
…drink too much and get sick. Charlie Harper - U.K. SUBS
Hardskin (Johnny Takeaway)
…like to steam dumplings with a chili oil/ soy sauce dip - Johnny Takeaway, Hardskin
The Pukes
…play ukulele! - The Pukes
Peter and The Test Tube Babies
…drunken kebabs are consumed - Peter and the Test Tube Babies
Rennie - Handsome Family
…listen for the first birds singing in the morning - Rennie, The Handsome Family
Brett - The Handsome Family
…listen to music - Brett, The Handsome Family
…go to sleep - Pertti Kurikka
…go and see live music - Mick Williams, Heavy Load
Paul Richards
…email rock stars asking for quotes for this website - Paul Richards, Heavy Load