Grassroots charity promoting the right for people with learning disabilities to have a choice about how they live their lives

Success Stories

We like to celebrate some of the successes we have had a hand in over the years. You can find out more about our success stories below.

A participant's view of Glastonbury

Here’s the view from one of our Gig Buddies who went to Glastonbury with us in 2014.


Changing the way commissioners work

This story comes after a workshop we ran at Learning Disability Wales conference in 2013 where we prompted a commissioner to re-write the contracts!

From the CEO of a support provider

The CEO of Southdown Housing, a not-for-profits support provider, gives a summary of the effect she thinks we have through our work so far.

Influencing commissioning and a user group

The East Sussex County Council commissioning team share how they’ve been influenced by our work and linked it in with their service user group, The Involvement Matters Team.

Inspiring others to do what we do

A worker at from a supported employment organisation talks about how we inspired him to take action.

Kiss My Disco clubber

A parent talks about the difference events like our Kiss My Disco nights can make…

Perry Orr - Kiss My Disco DJ

Perry finds DJing hasd been the perfect release to deal with some of the other stresses of life. He’s also got quite a few tasty records in his bag.

Wrestling at the 02

How Andrew plans ahead with his support team so they can have a great day out at the wrestling.

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