Grassroots charity promoting the right for people with learning disabilities to have a choice about how they live their lives

(un)Ordinary conference – meet William!


Stay Up Late's (un)Ordinary conference in London on March 26th is a conference with a difference. While the majority of those in the audience will be professionals working in the social care sector, all of those giving speeches, leading workshops or making presentations will have a learning disability. It won't be all work and no play though - to start the afternoon session we have William Haws to give us a song!

"I want to be part of this conference because I am an outgoing person. I love my life. Bare necessities of life will come to you is my motto. Changing schools meant no more bullying. Acting has made me express myself. I like going to Trekers because I like helping others. I like activities I can do and I now have a reason to get up. My buddy is fantastic. At the conference I will be singing Bare Necessities."